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Welcome and thank you for choosing to stay at Casa mARTa, we are a relaxing, creative guest house, with exceptional hospitality review offering all you need to have a truly unforgettable stay in Tournon Sur Rhone. The property is a creative guest that is a sociable alternative to staying in your standard hotel, we offer the same standards as you would get in a hotel. We have an on site bar and restaurant facilities. Living Rooms and social areas, that are communal, although we like our guests to enjoy being social there house is relaxing and there are many private areas for you to relax in. We are a guest house, and we offer a 5 star service from home cooked food to activities both off and on site. Casa mARTa is brought to you by Addicted to Life the creative platform that show cases all that is good in life. The house is part of the Addicted to Life #2 we are are a creative platform showcasing life, this property is bursting with creativity and uniqueness. The art is supplied from Addicted to Life #1 in Barcelona. The team based here at Casa mARTa, is a mixed team that will offer you warm welcome. Staying at the property, will give you the opportunity to discover a region with an exceptional cultural, historical and oenological heritage. First there is the town… Tournon-sur-Rhône. The name instantly evokes the motion and the permanent, complicit pace of the King River which for centuries has granted it a choice location: this is a place where France has witnessed some of the most noteworthy chapters of its History, leaving in its wake a heritage that is solidly rooted in stone and in the hearts of the loyal Ardechois.

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